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Blue Gas Marine is the first to commercialize a hybrid fuel system for boats that cuts the cost of operation in half by using Natural Gas. We can turn existing boats and new boats from factory into hybrids or dedicated Natural Gas vessels. This technology has been well received in the industry and we are now working to take it to market.

The company has opened its second round of capital to investment from qualified individuals, for a short period, until our funding target is achieved.

As a company with the ability to revolutionize the Marine Industry, we have attracted several strategic investors who are seasoned business owners in this industry and have also partnered with boat manufacturers. Our combined experience is invaluable in increasing our speed to market and improving our product lines.

In general, our current investors understand that investing in Blue Gas Marine is a vehicle to capture returns in these strong trends:

  • The increasing energy needs of a growing population that demands affordable energy sources.
  • The global pressure on governments by its citizens, to foster consumption of green energy alternatives.
  • The global abundance of Natural Gas in every continent versus the scarcity of petroleum.
  • In the US, Natural Gas is already the most popular alternative fuel in commercial transportation (Automotive, Aviation, Rail) and the cleanest most affordable fuel Made-In-America. We are working to extend this phenomenon to the Marine Industry.

    NCTA Award

    We received the "Top-10 Startups to Watch" Award from North Carolina Technology Association, as one of the most promising North Carolina startup companies.


    How to Invest in Blue Gas Marine

    Contact our Director of Corporate Relations, Carrie Guerreiro at or call 919-238-3427

    She will discuss with you the qualifications for investors, share company materials and schedule a presentation with you and the CEO so you can become fully informed about the company and your investment.

    Watch our 3 minute video (Click here)


    Marine Industry Feedback

    Ken Clinton, President, Intrepid Powerboats (Boat Manufacturer) “I am very excited about the possibilities that a project like this brings by being able to bring such a clean energy to a recreational industry that makes its living from a natural resource like water.”

    Tom Scuorzo, Owner of Tom's Marine (Marine Service Center), 5 Star Certified Yamaha Technician “Blue Gas Marine is state of the art. It is the future of boating. I cannot wait for it to take off.”